New Jersey
Construction Management
Resident Engineering Inspection Services

Valued at $1.8 billion, this project aims to replace the current Portal North Bridge with a new two-track fixed bridge spanning over the Hackensack River. The new structure will stand more than 50 feet above the water, significantly enhancing the bridge's operational efficiency and reliability by doubling its height. Encompassing nearly 2.5 miles, including approaches, the project integrates comprehensive improvements such as the decommissioning of the old bridge, construction of new rail bridges over adjacent roadways, and installation of modern rail infrastructure elements.

Scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2022 and complete by the third quarter of 2027, the Portal North Bridge Replacement is a testament to JPCL's commitment to transforming and modernizing the region's rail system. JPCL is providing construction management (QA/QC) services to Skanska. By increasing the bridge's height and incorporating state-of-the-art infrastructure, the project ensures smoother, more reliable rail travel across the Hackensack River, reinforcing the importance of sustainable and efficient transportation solutions for New Jersey and the entire Northeast Corridor.