Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA)
Construction Management
Resident Engineering Inspection Services

Opened to traffic in 1960, Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (HLCT, formerly known as the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel) is an approximately 1.7-mile-long roadway tunnel that connects the Financial District at the southern tip of Manhattan with the Borough of Brooklyn. The general goal and scope of the Project is to

(i) Rehabilitate and upgrade the ventilation system with high-efficiency motors and fire harden the exhaust fan motors and appurtenances at various ventilation building locations and

(ii) Provide a fully functional high-pressure fixed firefighting, prototype water mist system that is compatible with other existing Authority systems through exhaust zones EE4, EE5, and WE5.

JPCL has been retained to provide quality control inspections to ensure the tests and inspections are performed, witnessed, and documented in accordance with approved procedures and contract requirements. JPCL ensures the timely reporting of the results of inspections and manages non-compliance reports.