New York
New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
AKRF, Inc.
Completed in 2018
Traffic Engineering

The Town of Babylon, Suffolk County, New York proposed to redevelop Airport Plaza in East Farmingdale and the East Farmingdale Downtown Area near the intersection of Conklin Street and Route 110 as a transit-oriented development (TOD). The existing East Farmingdale Downtown area is characterized by large-format commercial development, vacant property, and industrial land uses. It is the goal of the Town to improve and revitalize the Route 110 Corridor in East Farmingdale and to build on previous and ongoing efforts to create a transit-centered, mixed-use development pattern near the future planned East Farmingdale LIRR Train Station.

The transportation study was carried out as part of a DGEIS for the Town of Babylon. The purpose of the traffic study was to assist the Town of Babylon to comply with the requirements of New York Environmental Planning Review Act (“SEQRA”) and Town of Babylon Environmental Review Act (“TOBEQRA”) to facilitate rezoning and redevelopment of the East Farmingdale Downtown Center in the unincorporated hamlet of East Farmingdale within the Town.

JPCL’s primary task was to estimate traffic impacts for a transit-oriented town center development (TOD) near the intersection of Conklin Street and Route 110 in East Farmingdale. The TOD included a train station, mixed-land use developments, and bus rapid transit lines. JPCL performed traffic data collection and reduction using ATRs and Miovision cameras at intersections; and traffic analysis using SYNCHRO for existing, no-build, and two build scenarios in addition to qualitative assessment of transit facilities.

Work performed included creating ten signalized intersections Synchro network, travel demand forecasting, model spilt, trip generation, and trip distribution using the NYMTC’s travel demand model. Moreover, JPCL conducted intersection capacity/LOS traffic impact study and provided recommendations to improve traffic problems for the project.