Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn, New York
LiRo Group
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Under this design-build contract, the objectives are to develop, design, and construct a new Railcar Acceptance and Testing Facility located on the South Brooklyn Railway property at 3rd avenue between 38th and 39th streets and 38th street yard in the borough of Brooklyn. The new facility shall be designed and constructed to give the utmost importance to operational efficiency and in compliance with all applicable NYCT, city, state and federal codes, regulations and standards and has features, systems and equipment needed to meet the maintenance requirements of the current, and future railcar fleet.

JPCL provides construction management and inspection services under this on-going contract. Our REI staff oversees and monitors the contract’s activity daily and conducts several field inspections to ensure the compliance of standard and specification.

Also, JPCL field engineers provide quality management services (QA/QC) to ensure safety and security of job site, fully compliance of standard and specifications, enforcing quality culture, and OSHA implementation.