New Jersey
New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)
Traffic Engineering

JPCL provided traffic monitoring for statewide traffic signal systems at NJDOT’s Arterial Management Center (AMC) in Trenton, NJ.

JPCL traffic supervisors and operators performed daily monitoring of the arterials in the system and prepared operational reports for any abnormal traffic signal performance, analyzed data for signal optimization, and assisted in resolving public complaints and issues at signalized intersections. In addition, JPCL monitored image and mid-block detectors, traffic signal communication issues, and reported technical and operational problems with corridor-wide signal progression daily.

In an ongoing effort to improve traffic operations in the system, JPCL supervisors attended bi-weekly meetings with NJDOT directors/staff and the prime consultant to discuss the current issues and weekly reports on the communication status of Adaptive Traffic Signals (ATS) and detectors. The weekly reports provided insight into traffic signal communication problems and assisted the maintenance department in troubleshooting and repairing failed equipment. JPCL developed analytical tools to help NJDOT investigate signal timing issues and evaluate signal performances in the system.