Brooklyn, New York
Jacobs Engineering
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The NYCDEP 26 Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 1552 Van Siclen Avenue, is based on a 57.3‐acre site with a daily capacity to generate 170 million gallons of drinkable water.

As part of one of the 15 groundbreaking national infrastructure projects, the plant is undergoing major renovations by replacing several of its primary and secondary treatment tanks as well as process piping and support buildings. The combined project worth for the upgrades is $150 million; the upgrades ensure that the plant operates at full capacity during wet weather and continues to protect the health of Jamaica Bay.

JPCL Engineering has been retained as the primary sub‐consultant to ensure quality control during the construction process. JPCL is responsible for construction inspections for rebar, concrete, pile, structural steel welding and bolting. Our certified team of inspectors and engineers ensure compliance to regulations and project requirements.